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I have tried several times over the past few months to receive a new phone from safeink wireless. They should offer customers an option to leave an email but instead you have to spend countless hours on the phone.

On top of that they put you on hold forever and a day. I actually called once and begged to speak to a supervisor and when I finally got a supervisor on the phone I was conveniently hung up on. They have got to find a better way and improve their services.

People probably think that I should be grateful because it's free, but just because it's free doesn't give them the right to have poor service. I may be low-income but I am still a customer and I shouldn't have to be treated like I don't matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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I just got off the phone with yet another aggravating (one hour) and tedious ( grilled repeatedly for the same information spun around and then fed back to you in several different ways) call to safelink. What horrible business they have when it comes to dealing with their customers.

They make the process of just getting through to the right person to help a complicated one. Then once you finally get to speak with someone they are like robots and seem to be completely unable to discern or process your simple request without complicating what should be a simple and easy process. This is a company that needs some serious reorganization when it comes to their customer service relations.

Just try calling and getting through to anyone outside of signing up for new service and you will see. I give this company rating an F!

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