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Another year has rolled around and that means another year of fighting with the incompetent bunch at Safelink Wireless in Miami, Florida. Got the usual/annual notice that I needed to log on to and click on "Verify" to let them know - I guess - that I'm still alive and using their cheap cell phone. I log on and get an advisory from Safelink they have no record of an account for me. Re-entered my information thinking I may have entered a wrong number. After the 4th try, I gave up and prepared a letter with all the information they would need to know about me and their cell phone. Since they have no record of my account, I expected a telephone call by way of their cell phone; or an email message. Instead I received a text message which extended my service contract until September 29, 2013.

Since receiving the service extension information, I have received 3 additional text messages from Safelink telling me I need to log on to and click on "Verify" or else my service will be canceled. The last text message I received said "URGENT' and that I needed to log on and click "Verify 2day". I have just attempted to log on four times and received the same statement that they have no record of an account for me. I might add I had called them from this cell phone previously and the representative was not only rude; but ended up hanging up on me. Nothing was accomplished.

I am fully prepared to cancel the "service" with this bunch of incompetent Miami employees. I now have an AT&T cell phone with all the bells and whistles and it is in service at this moment. I have no need for Safelink, their cheap cell phone, the 1916.20 minutes remaining, the 663 service days remaining, the 125 minutes (NOT 250 as advertised) they send each month nor this continuous hassle! It's just not worth what their free service costs me!

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I also recieved a text saying I needed to verify. It also said I had 172 service days remaining, so I don't understand the rush.

I have never had any problems. Try clicking on the verify link. It did take me a few times to cahange my plan tho, other than that no problems.I live in TN so maybe that helps.

Go figure. :p

went to your site to verify service. site will not accept my brith date. what do i need to to ?


You bunch of freakin lazy aS@##s call to apply want to get every thingh for free threating people as you wanted go screww your self, i work for safelink and i provide Quality service but let me tell you freaks your calls are the heaviest and the worst you Fuc@#% act like paying thousands of dollars. sincerely ScreWW@!! you!!


i bought mins on 29 have got them yet what is thy problem took my money but no mins on thy 30 at 3 pm 18 hours later


Its free. Stop complaining.

to its FREE people #716151

It is not free my tax dollars pay for it. If Safelink did not get goverment money to provide service to those who are on a limited income Safelink would not be in business.

While the employees may speak a variety of languages most just go over and over the same brief script they are required to read. They are basically a programmed robot. Sad if you think about it really.

In reality there is nothing free.

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