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elsewheres? yes do go, elsewheres please.....

as if! you disgust me of all the pathetic ..... Nerve it took to threaten a tax payers service hand me down free cell phone service opportunity for gods sakes people what on earth did you ever do before you were handed the Obama phone paid for by OREGONIAN tax payers?

I cannot wait till the day that this country's grid fails most of you will parish and possibly just turn up yer toes and die without a cell phone, let alone no water no toilet no cold food no frozen food oh and no food ok. list keeps going but i ain't in the habit of wasting my time on *** suckers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

Reason of review: because people are ungrateful to each other and are not happy to baable to have something just given to them and it was not free! I am a tax payer an American citizen and these bastard free grabbing zombies are just freaks disgraceful to our country. .

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