I am homeless in Olympia, WA awaiting judgement for an SSI Federal Disability claim, but currently on a program called G.A.X. (the state disability aid program). When I first called in it was because the website enrollment process wouldn't accept my address. It is a "PMB" address or "Personal Mail Box". So I called customer service and was instructed by the rep to enter a physical address. I explained to him that I am homeless and don't have one so he suggested I use a close friend's or relative's. I gave him a physical address to my mother, and was approved immediately.

It's been about a week now and I decided to call in and try and get a tracking number. The entire length of the call was 2 hours, 4 minutes and 37 seconds, and here's why;

I requested the tracking number and the operator (while verifying info) was asking me questions, one of them being "Are you the head of the household?" I answered honestly, no ... it's my mother's home but I was prompted by one of your cs reps to use her address because I don't have an address to the tent that I sleep in. That was a BIG mistake!!

Suddenly the call turned from an innocent inquiry into my tracking number into a shakedown about the FCC's right to charge me with perjury. I went round and round with the towlhead cs, but never resolved ***. I escalated to a supervisor who could also not provide me with a tracking number, but had no problem threatening me with perjury some more. I explained over and over AND OVER that never ONCE did I LIE to get the service, that I am merely HOMELESS without a line to stay in touch with family and doctors, and that her OWN *** REP suggested I use the physical address of my mother in order to seek approval.

Overall opinion of this company ... pathetic. These people are obviously another company's method of outsourcing to people without any concern for their customer's welfare. Not once did I feel that either of the last 2 people I spoke with showed any non-scripted compassion for my situation. They were like civil vultures just looking for any excuse to keep me off their system.

The first guy I dealt with was not only TOTALLY professional, but he was problem solving, and compassionate for my situation. Unfortunately, I had no idea he might have begun the process of convicting me with perjury. *shrugs*

*** this company!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Website.

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if you work for safelink buddy u should find another job cuz they didnt give it to u to judge an hide behind comments cuz u know ur pathetic or otherwise u would show ur name. sometimes things happen outta our control an help is needed.if programs werent out there like these ppl would have an even harder time.

so u have no rite to judge anyone therefore u may b in the same situation someday. jus :x t saying!
Gainesville, Florida, United States #699728
How dare any one of you judge someone else! We can't all be born with a silver spoon in our mouths and be raised in rich man land!

For those of us who are not so fortunate to have everything given to us by our parents, thank god for some type of aide! I've been looking for a job for about a month, but with no contact number it's really hard to know if I got the job or not! I can almost guarantee that non of you have worked for EVERYTHING that you have!

If you want to *** about something, *** about the billions that leave our shores, not about the thousands in our back yards! :eek

I agree with Fma Im sorry about your disability but really safelink customer can really *** OFF AND GO TO ***!


I you lazy as@$%#es would have a purpuse with their lives instead of getting every thing for free you Freaks would not be calling to get a free phone for losers, if you only have a purpose and better expectatives of life you would not have as much trouble as you have freaks!!!


You bunch of freakin lazy aS@##s call to apply want to get every thingh for free threating people as you wanted go screww your self, i work for safelink and i provide Quality service but let me tell you freaks your calls are the heaviest and the worst you Fuc@#% act like paying thousands of dollars. sincerely ScreWW@!! you!!


Dead beat good luck with you disability claim. .

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