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In March I was not able to call out on my safelink phone. In April a customer service representative from Tracphone told me the phone I was using was outdated and they don't use them anymore so they sent me a updated phone.

I received the new phone and made some phone calls. Safelink cut me off after I started using the new phone. I found out they cut my service off on April 15 2018. I called to enroll again and was waiting for papers from them in the mail, they never came.

I'm considering trying to enroll online.

I need to use my phone to talk to friends and family. I haven't talked to my brother in a couple of weeks, I wonder if enrolling again online is okay.

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Hi anonymous. I’m Matt from SafeLink Wireless.

We’re sorry for the trouble this issue has caused you. However, we'd like to learn more about your situation and what exactly happened. We want to make things right. Please chat with us using this link

For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

You may also text the key word HELP to 611611 to view our self-service menu with a list of help key words with valuable information. Thanks.

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