Savannah, Tennessee
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I contacted a representative of Safe Link Wireless, so that they could assist in becoming enrolled as a customer. My account had a password on it to conceal my information.

There were technical issues the moment I received the phone, and it was a nightmare from then on. The representatives were allowing other individuals to order Sim cards in my name, and report them stolen. That's why my service was interrupted, and the bad thing was there was a message on my account. The message stated that if anyone called posing to be me, if my security code wasn't given then it wasn't me.

They even sent a phone in my name to another county, and allowed someone to change my address. How does a company that is government ran continue to do such ignorant things, after my asking them not to several times?I changed my code, and talk to the persons in the highest positions at this place of businesses. They weren't going to provide me with the address of where the phone was shipped to, until I informed them that I had contacted the law concerning that matter.

I told the representative it is a federal offense to open someone elses mail without their consent, and you all have sent out several packages in my name to locations where I never authorized.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Account.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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