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My family had to walk away from Safelink wireless. First, they never did send my son his phone and had him stuck in only approved status, not enrolled.

We finally called them and they told him that he had to wait for another 30 days so they could correct their computer system. Then, my daughter tried to redeem her free minutes. She never got them. All they gave her were her text messages.

She called and talked to them with my help--their excuse was that she had already used up her minutes for the month. Excuse us?? How could she use her minutes up when she never got them?? My husband tried to redeem his minutes.

He started out with his 500 minutes. Made two phone calls totaling one minute each. Next morning he woke up to zero minutes left. He chatted with Safelink.

Their excuse?? The same as what they told our daughter. Mind you, my husband is not a huge talker. 250 minutes is all he needs for a month.

500 is double what he needs. To say that he went through 500 minutes in less than 24 hours is so absurd it is ridiculous! My son finally cancelled his service with Safelinik becuase they were taking too long to send him his phone. My daughter ended her service with them to go to a prepaid service that she pays for out of her own pocket because of her disability and the long fight she was having with them.

Now my husband is the next one to go. He doesn't have the patience to fight with them. Way to go with keeping your customers, Safelink. And way to go helping people who are low income get and keep phone service.

What a joke. We are still going to have to pay $30 a month out of our own pocket to have reliable service because none of the lifeline companies out there are worth anything. I have checked the alternatives to Safelink and they either don't offer enough of what we need or they operate off Sprint and we don't have good Sprint coverage in our area. Safelink was the best for cell service, but when they steal your minutes or they don't send you your phone, then you still have no service and you are forced to pay for service.

There is one cell phone company out there that is not associated with Lifeline but has extremely affordable rates and we are going to that company. At least we will be treated with respect!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: leave them altogether because I don't want to go through these problems every month.

I didn't like: Poor english, Total run around everytime have never had a good experience, Super frustrating.

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I have endured the same issues as your daughter and husband. I've called over 10x to rectify the problem with no avail.

They would rather imply that I'm a LIAR than to believe the computer is WRONG! I didn't give up my personal information for this.


Hi. I am Matt and I work with SafeLink.

Let me help you get this resolved.

Send me an email at and we will resolve your problem right away.

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