I had Safelink's Trcfone in 2010. Not one time did my rollover minutes rollover.

The people speak poor English and keep you on the phone no less than one hour. It is a grueling process every month and often after even three hours on the phone, the problem is not remedied and you start all over again. They make an unbelievable amount of errors. I preferred to go with out a phone.

free was too expensive. I wound up with verizon landline. No problem with them...But I need a cell and cannot live in my home because of mold. What an ordeal applying today, June 5, 2013.

I tried to do it online and it would not accept my address no matter how many times I tried and with the agent on the phone "assisting"...I am extremely patient and have all i can do not to scream obscenities. I am also of a faith that "loves" and forgives, but it is SO trying and utterly demonic! Does anyone know if there is an alternative. The phones they supply are garbage but the service is by far the worst imaginable 100% of the time!!!

I cannot believe I have applied again..And now that I spoke with an agent to help me with my Online application, I have numerous hoops to jump.

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Port Orange, Florida, United States #951238

I have called twice to recertify on the phone and i still have no service days

Covington, Georgia, United States #715919

You need to visit http://www.lifelinesupport.org/ls/ to find another program provider.

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