Being on disability, I finally got too poor to afford a land-line, with all its attendant fees and taxes. (My actual phone calls came to about eight bucks.

The phone bill was for over fifty, with another fifty for internet service. Can't argue with that, I just can't afford it anymore.) So I got a safelink tracfone for free, when I heard about it. After a full night's battery charge, it refused to send or make calls after I'd jumped through the hoops to have it registered and confirmed. Spent an hour on the land-line phone, when I still had it, listening to a representative go "okay ...

okay ... okay" and little else (reminded me of the old Britcom "Fawlty Towers." Finally her supervisor came on, and we thought we had it sorted.

But, no; today it's back to not working, just showing message on the tiny little screen that says "see phone restrictions -34" whatever that means. So I'm sending it back, with a letter of complaint.

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I had the same problem and the people at this email address helped me fix my issue. I know that the email is going to the company themselves but the people handling these emails are very good.

Give it a try. The email address is SL.CorpResolutionTeam@safelink.com.

Oh yeah, send them your name, cell number or your phone serial number.


Hi. My name is Matt, and I work with SafeLink Wireless.

I noticed your complaint on this blog and I want to help you. Just send me your name, contact number and your phone serial number or cell number and we will resolve your issue right away.

Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email. Email your info to SL.CorpResolutionTeam@safelink.com or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/19x5RU1.

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