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These kids are the most incompetent group of people that I've ever dealt with in regards to customer service. They are so smug and at times condescending that its unbelievable!

My phone was stolen and I called to have it deactivated. They did that. I told them I had another phone that was already unlocked. I was told to purchase a "BYOP" SIM card kit and they will activate the phone.

I did that, but was then told I needed to recertify for the California Lifeline Program, which I just did in December. After a few days later I checked my status and was "qualified". I called the support center and was told they could still not activate my phone until the status was changed to "enrolled", and that the Ca. Lifeline Program was the only one who could do this.

I was forwarded to a "manager" who went over my information and told me to call him after I spoke to the Lifeline Program. The employee at the program was even willing to get on a conference call to review this erroneous request, but when I called back to speak to that particular "manager" the customer service rep. never heard of him! lol.

What is up with that? What a JOKE. Safelink needs to revamp their customer service dept. Where do they get them from?

Read the no. of'd think they'd do something by now.

If i had not already bought the "BYOP" SIM card kit and started the procedure, I would have switched to another carrier. lol.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Cell Phone Activation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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