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I was on the phone for nearly half an hour with their customer service rep who kept putting me on hold. And when she asked me what my current address was I was told I couldn't get renewed because they had someone else listed as living here (or as the owner of the place) I live in apartment building, of course someone else owns it!

The very first time, I couldn't get a phone at all because I was living in a women's home and someone else had one. They really need to re-examine the one-per-household rule or look into getting a list of group residences and such so that people living in such places can get phones in case of emergencies and such.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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Covington, Georgia, United States #715910

When I called for my renewal and told them my address, they had it listed as someone already living there. I was told I could just leave my previous address (my parents' home) since I'll never have to worry about anyone needing a Lifeline phone there.

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