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safelink wireless took away my mins,yet have me enrolled but everytime i try 2 contact them on why they keep telling me im enrolled,so if im enrolled then where r my mins?im a deaf customer that needs that fone for texting,ive tryed faxing in new apps+mailed several in as well + no one will even send me a reason on whats going on,i did have an assurance fone but no longer do bcuz of recieving a letter from the gvnt telling me 2 just pik the provider i want 2 use +they wld take the assurance off,the assurance was my 1st fone but i never had any service on it so thats wen i went 2 safelink+iwas not aware u could not have both but ive compied +still cant get one person 2 help me or let me no what i have 2 do 2 get it bak,so i filed a complaint about a week or so ago &my sim is now not registered.so does any one there no what there doing,dont u assist people in need?becuz i am one!

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yep they never sent my mins this month i called them, they sent 1 min to my phone then said i recieved them for the month. there scams the fcc needs to know about this

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