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I have been w/Safelink approx. 3-5 months and each month I have had trouble retrieving my monthly minutes.

I have not even been able to retrieve minutes which I purchased online thru Tracfone. However, those the payment for those minutes were immediately taken from my bank account. I have spent approx. 3-4 hrs.

each month on the phone w/SEVERAL representatives trying to retrieve minutes due me. NOW they want to send me a new phone, which I am SURE will not be comparable to the one I have now AND one that I can see well and use well, as I am 65 yr. old w/glasses.

I feel sure I will be sent a SMALL cheap phone, hard to read the screen and hard to see the keys, and probably unable to send text messages at all. I am very unhappy w/my thus far service w/SAFELINK.

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I have been trying to contact the customer service for several weeks & have been unsuccessful doing so. I have not received minutes in months.

Im sure Im not the only person having this problem. What can be done to solve this issue?

to Anonymous Parsons, Tennessee, United States #675768
I have had problems with safe link on and of fo 5 manths. They tell me Im not using my minutes.

Well if thats the truth how come I only have 5 minutes. :sigh

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