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Update by user Jun 29, 2018

I thought the application had run it's course. I gave up and forgot.

Then I received by snail-mail from Safelink instructing to complete the action, send in proof of income and so I did, again. With not much hope it would go anywhere. The form I used 4 years ago and obtained Safelink they will not accept this time. I called Veteran's National number, and local Regional Office and they are dumbfounded why Safelink is not accepting this form.

It's the only form Veteran's Admin. sends out for such proofs. Back to the snail-mail. I returned it also with several other forms, past dated, with names and signatures.

So NO!

Safelink seems to have a blind eye to Veterans' on Disability Pensions and no provision to apply their service to these veterans. Income is change over $1000 per month.

Original review posted by user May 30, 2018

Quick backstory.

I am a Vietnam Era veteran on a Disability Pension since 2007.

4 years ago I was qualified for SafeLink. My situation today has not changed. Same income, same source, etc. I only dropped SL because a well intention neighbor that thought I was on Tracfone bought a $9.99 Tracfone at Family Dollar, bought it, and gifted it me, he was so glad to do as I do a lot of free computer work for him. I found out quickly that this phone could not be hooked up on SafeLink. (today, 3 years later it can be) So I switched to "pay as you go" on Tracfone so as not to offend him.


I found out recently this phone can be hooked up to SafeLink. Trying to re-establish has been hello!!! I think all the agents are low schooled and don't know how to handle the slightest deviation.

They keep refusing me on my income submission in the application. I receive a VA Disability Pension of $1k plus change, a tad over $13k a year. I well qualify for SafeLink. I have sent them the highest form VA supplies with my information, income, discharge status and much more. It's got the official VA seal (if I scammed this page it's a felony and a phone is not worth trying to scam them looking at a felony) But I think after trying numerous times to talk to them, when I could understand them, these people in the "proofing" dept are looking for pay stubs, tax forms (that amount i receive is not taxable and no taxes have to be submitted) and if they can't see stubs or tax forms they just reject it whole cloth because they do not understand what the form is. I'm sure they do not often see them.

I called them at VA Records and Documents. The guy said he's at a loss to understand why they are giving me this grief. (remember they accepted me once 4 years ago on this very same type of submission of application requirements)

The VA Records guy transferred me to my local Regional Office in Elsmere MD and the agent there was at a loss to understand why they are balking. I'm sorry but not so much, I just think the agents have the minimum requirements to answer the phone and can't think out of the box.

I am really frustrated after many calls, listening to menus with sometimes 3 and 4 levels of press the button menus. It's almost impossible to talk to anyone.

To me it's like saying Veteran's with a Disability Pension are not qualified to receive SafeLink no matter how low their income.

Well this review probably won't last but I try to vent the best way I could.

If you read this far thanks. Your probably a veteran. Veterans try to look out for each other. Jep ":-\\

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Did not like almost everything about customer agent relations.

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Hi jointgrasshopper. My name is Maria from SafeLink Wireless.

We apologize for the trouble you've encountered with our customer service. We'd like to take a closer look into what's going on and ensure there is a resolution for you today. Please contact us via chat using this link, so we can check on this matter.

For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. You can also use our self-service menu by simply texting the word HELP to 611611.

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