I did not get my min for this month I always have before I need my min please I need my phone I'm disable safe link is all I have please help asap thank I Maria fernandez I have had my phone for a year and always had mins on time now what do I need todo to fix this problem..my phone is also broke but I still use it the way it is can I fix that too..I'm not happy rite now I count on this phone ..please help me I need my phone ..thank u

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I just receive my replacement phone cuz my other phone was stolen an I had 129 minutes on there so when my replacement phone came dae activated it an put 10min on it 4 activation I ask them can I get the minutes I had on there they said NO so they tell me to wait till the 1st to get my 250 minutes I haven't received them yet an I been verify did that online


Call safelink wireless u need annual verification. they will it phone only just call them. hope u gt ur mins soon


I have not gotten my minutes for this month.

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