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I did not receive my minutes so I called them, they canceled my phone because of this. I was given a

physical address but resided in the same house. They said they canceled me because of this. Excuse me

but one cannot move a house. It is the same house, just a physical address we had to have because of

911. They wanted to start me over. Both my husband and I are extremely ill. I would be without a cell

phone for a month if they did this. When I tried to explain they hung up on me and refused to take my

calls. All I wanted was to find out why I wasn't getting my minutes. I am very upset with this company

and do not know where to find another one at this time. Someone really needs to look into this company

as they are doing fraudent things here. Is it not true that they would get more money if they started

a person off as a new phone customer???? And the fact that they put one on hold for hours then hang

up on them and this person is sick is ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Safelink Wireless Phone Service.

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I was not notified they had canceled my service and as I had over 900 minutes and had used it the night before, when they told me I was canceled just because I had a physical address, that shocked me. It caused me high blood pressure and I have had a previous heart attack and stroke.

I have been sick all day today because of this. They had me on the phone over six hours, and hung up on me over a dozen times or more.

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